The Deluge

The Deluge

Book 3 of The Seventh Series

Coming March 20, 2020!


About The Deluge

Somehow, my drawing had morphed into a picture of a flooding wave, crashing down across a town that looked unsettlingly like Etherall Valley. And I had no recollection of drawing it.

It’s been raining for weeks. The streets are under water and the dams about to burst.

For Mimi, each day is an eternity. With Drew away at an Astarion leadership course, she is stuck at school, missing him and longing for sunshine. When their guardian decides that the seven are in danger and assigns a couple of ‘bodyguards’ to watch their every move, Mimi wonders if things could possibly get worse.

They can: drawings Mimi can’t explain; a sinister new ghost that seems oddly familiar. The enemy is building in strength and something bigger than them all is simmering, rising – pushing them towards an outcome over which they have no control.

Could it be that those flood prophecies were true all along?epeditorsesal1s


The Deluge has been awarded the Editor’s Pick seal by the Evernight Teen editing team.


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