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The Seventh – Amazon Bestselling Series

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The Seventh trilogy is a young adult paranormal/urban fantasy series about 16 year old Mimi Alston, who sees ghosts. At her new school, she comes to realise she’s not the only one with an unusual talent – under the care of a guardian, Mimi befriends a Prophet, an Empath, a Beast Master, an Emissary, a Healer, and a Conjurer. Together, they are the gifted seven.

But they’re under constant threat from rogue members of a secret cult who believe the seven gifted kids can be slain for their powers. The danger grows just as their powers do, and soon Mimi and her friends can’t be sure who to trust anymore.

The Seventh (Book 1) was released 2015.

The Rift (Book 2) was released 2015.

The Deluge (Book 3) was released in 2020.