An Incorruptibles Novel

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About Monster

She was one of my basic needs. Water, food, shelter, Francesca, and not necessarily in that order.

When Francesca comes into his world, Cain falls hard. She’s everything he never thought he’d find: warmth, passion, goodness – and she loves him back. Only one thing matters anymore: that she stays.

But in his desperation to be worthy of the woman he loves, Cain’s inner shame and fear grow like a monster, controlling his every move, hurting everything in its path. His world spirals into chaos as friendships shatter, jealousy simmers, and his shameful past threatens to crash through into the new life he has made for himself. How long before the monster inside him destroys everything he cares about?

How long before it kills Francesca’s love for good?

Monster is a retelling from Cain’s point of view in the paranormal romance series, The Incorruptibles, by Amazon Bestselling author S.D. Wasley. Read after Book 2, Fallout, to avoid spoilers.

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