The Incorruptibles

Downfall (Book 1)

Downfall-Customdesign-JayAheer2015-smallpreviewFrankie’s cousin wants her to do three things this year: lose her inhibitions, do something spectacularly stupid, and fall madly in love  ….

Book 1 of The Incorruptibles, passionate paranormal romance series. Find out more.

Fallout (Book 2)

fallout-1000pxhigh1Even when love seems unbreakable, it can still be battered, distorted—damaged beyond recognition.

Fallout is book 2 in the paranormal romance series, The Incorruptibles. Out now. Find out more.

Uprising (Book 3)

uprising-customdesign-sda2017-smallpreviewCorruption. Temptation. Seduction. Not even Cain can protect Frankie from what’s coming.

Uprising is book 3 in the paranormal romance series, The Incorruptibles. Out now. Find out more.

Unforgivable (Standalone)

Unforgivable-customDesign-JayAheer2016-3DrenderUnable to get the answers she seeks in Augur’s Well, journalist Piper Pavlich embarks on a hunt for the man who seems to be at the centre of it all. Piper’s about to find out what makes this man unforgivable.

Unforgivable is a standalone book in the paranormal romance series, The Incorruptibles. Out now. Find out more.

Monster (Standalone)

Monster-CustomDesign-JayAheer2016-3DrenderHe’s desperate to be worthy of the woman he loves, but Cain’s shame snarls inside him like a monster, controlling his every move. How long before it kills Francesca’s love for good?

Monster is a standalone book in the paranormal romance series, The Incorruptibles. Find out more.

The Seventh Series

The Seventh (Book 1)

Published by Evernight Teen – January 23, 2015

So, here we all were. Wasn’t it nice to be in the car together as a family? My parents, me … and my ghosts.

Sixteen year old Mimi Alston has company. No less than three ghosts follow her around, and only she can see them. At her last school, she was known as the girl-with-imaginary-friends. Find out more.

The Rift (Book 2)

The Rift-evernightpublishing-teen-JayAheer2015-3DrenderPublished by Evernight Teen – November 6, 2015.

Book 2 of The Seventh … What happens if the circle of seven is broken? One of the seven is missing and the others are about to find out just how bad things can get. Find out more.

The Deluge (Book 3)

Published by Evernight Teen – March 20, 2020.

Book 3 of The Seventh … The flood prophecy is just a story, isn’t it?  But it won’t stop raining and the Astarion predictions are becoming reality.  Find out more.

Standalone Novels

Totally Starcross’d

totally-starcrossdsdwasley-customdesign-jayaheer2016-3drender“Why does she have to be Romilly Montague? Any other name on the planet. She’d be just as pretty and cute and clever—just as perfect—but she wouldn’t be Romilly Montague. Then I’d have a chance with her.”

Published February 11, 2016. A romantic novella retelling the classic Romeo & Juliet story for a modern era. A short read for adults and young adults alike. Free e-book! Find out more.

Summer Crush (Exquisite Torture)


Published by Evernight Teen – August 21, 2015. S.D. Wasley’s contribution to this anthology is Exquisite Torture:

16 year old Ryan can’t believe his bad luck. He’s stuck at his Gran’s house in a tiny deadbeat town for the entire summer, while his parents celebrate their anniversary in France. What’s worse, there’s no internet and his phone won’t get a signal. And he’d thought torture was illegal. Find out more.

S.D. Wasley also publishes Australian general fiction as Sasha Wasley.

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