Cast No Shadows released


An Anthology of Ghost Stories

Shadows Cover

This anthology includes chilling short stories written by Jordan Elizabeth,  Lorna MacDonald CzarnotaGrace M. DeLeesieJoan O. Scharf, Lisa Oaks, Heather TaltyKae P. QuinnC.K. RaggioDerek McFaddenGrant EagarNicole GreenClare WezeAshley PascoAmy L. GaleA. Elizabeth ZumchakAl DorantesK. J. WintersTracina CozzaJames McNallyA. F. PlantW. K. PomeroyJeremy MortisChristine BakerMisha MurphyGloria Slade, and Rachel Pond.

Wondering just what spine-tingling tale you might encounter?  Here is a peak at a few:

Blood-Stained Handkerchief by Jordan Elizabeth: Miranda and her family love to fix up houses, but their newest investment in the Adirondacks comes with more than just water stains and cracked plaster.

Try Me by Christine Baker: Every morning feels like Russian Roulette to seventeen-year-old Daryl. When your last living parent is a drug addict, you never know which personality will greet you when you wake. Killed in the same accident that claimed is father’s life, James, Daryl’s older brother, comes back to put his brother on the right path before costs Daryl his own life.

Sweet Hollow Road by C.K. Raggio: Legends of evil and murder surround a desolate Long Island road making it the perfect place for Andrea and her friends to hunt for ghosts. But in the shadows of the woods lurks a desperate stalker. One who won’t let them leave until they fulfill his savage desire.

Tillie in Utica by Jordan Elizabeth: Utica, 1879.  Tillie misses her small hometown, but she’s excited to visit an old friend in the big city of Utica.  That is, until a ghost starts begging her for help.

The Staircase by Clare Weze: Katrine leaves the UK in search of the father she has never known. A trail of emails to her worried brother chronicle her progress, but the sweet reunion is not what it seems.

Ghost of Shadmoor Park by Grant Eagar: Single female ghost seeks medium to make a relationship with boy possible. No no scratch that; single ghost female seeks medium to have relationship with mediums boyfriend without getting caught.

Swamp by Joan O. Scharf: It is twilight by the time two brothers finish their work in helping a farmer on a neighboring farm.  Darkness overtakes them on their walk home, where their 2 mile dirt path cuts through a thickly overgrown swamp….and evil awaits.

Silent Opera by Joan O. Scharf: Three young boys set out to explore a deserted house that is said to be haunted.  It once belonged to a famous opera singer who hung herself in an upstairs bedroom when she lost her voice.  The boys daring adventure soon turns to terror.

A Trace of Time by Joan O. Scharf: Driving home from a trip, a woman takes the wrong road and finds herself in an unfamiliar city.  She encounters a lost child, and attempting to return the little girl to her family leads the woman into an eerie web of mystery.

Death of a Necromancer by Misha Murphy: Talia was could always see ghosts. She thought it to be an annoying gift until one day it put her life in danger. Will she be able to save herself or will she and others perish?

A Minor Matter of Death by W. K. Pomeroy: The story begins at a cemetery and ends at a bar, but all the spirits aren’t alcohol, and all the issues aren’t with the dead.

Nellie’s Playmate by Lorna MacDonald Czarnota: In the early 1800s, governess, Sadie  McMullen  enticed her charge, little Delia, and an overnight guest, Nellie  Mae, onto a 50 foot railroad overpass above Murder Creek in Akron, New York. Sadie was tried and sent to the asylum in Buffalo, only to vanish after her release two years later. What became of Sadie? Did she return to the scene of the crime out of remorse? For revenge? Or did she even fade into forgotten history?  Based on a true story.

CAST NO SHADOWS is available now from Curiosity Quills Press.  Grab your copy from Amazon and check out early reviews GoodReads.

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