Unforgivable release day

Unforgivable has hit the Amazon bookshelves

Happy release day to Piper and Leon!

Book 3 in The Incorruptibles is out. Although this book follows Piper’s hunt for Leon and her discovery of what it is that makes him unforgivable, it is also a continuation of Frankie and Cain’s story. This episode leads straight into Book 4, Monster, told from Cain’s point of view and due for release later this year. Scroll down for the blurb and an excerpt from Book 3, Unforgivable, as well as the gallery of haunting illustrations from the book, by the talented Finnmacc.


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Six months since she lost her job.

Six months since her bright future faded away.

Six months since she saw something that still keeps her awake at night.

Newspaper reporter Piper Pavlich was one of a handful of witnesses to the shocking events in Augur’s Well and she can’t shake the flashbacks. Evicted and jobless, Piper sets her sights on the backwater where it all happened. It’s time to get some answers.

Who better than a journalist to dig out the truth? Surely it’s just a matter of asking the right questions. But all the clues lead to Léon Gauvreau, that mysterious, sexy man she saw just once … who’s nowhere to be found.

Unable to get the answers she seeks in Augur’s Well, Piper embarks on a hunt for the man who seems to be at the centre of it all. When she finds Léon, he’s not alone, and he’s not what she expected. Is this really the guy everyone has warned her about? She’s fascinated and falling for him fast―while an invisible, dark fate closes in around her.

Piper’s about to find out what makes this man unforgivable.

Illustrations Slideshow

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“Piper,” Léon said suddenly. “I am going into the lake.”

“What?” Piper stared. “Willingly?”

“It is warm tonight. The water will be refreshing.”

“You’re insane.”

In answer, Léon placed his glass on the table, stood up and pulled off his T-shirt. She gazed at his toned torso, muscled all over, smooth and tanned. Holy shit … he’s just … She couldn’t even think of a word that would do him justice. She noticed scars lower down near the waistband of his shorts, and a couple more, higher up on his back.

“Are you coming?”

“I know what you’re doing,” she said, shooting him an accusing glare. “You’re pretending you’ll go in but you won’t. You’ll just trick me into going in and then laugh.”

He shrugged and descended the cabin steps. He took off at a run and, when he reached the end of the jetty, leapt in with a quiet splash. Piper followed more slowly.

“How’s the water?” she called when she spotted him swimming around under the moonlight.

“Horribly, terribly cold,” he called back and she laughed. “Come in.”

“No way.”

“But I will fight away all the sharks.” He splashed at an imaginary underwater threat.

“I’m too scared of catfish.”

“Come on.”

She paused, considering it. It was tempting to join this sexy guy in the water, no matter how cold it was. The fact that he wanted her to join him tripled the temptation.

“But I’ll freeze my ass off.”

“I have a trick to keep you warm.”

Okay, that was too good an offer to pass up.

Read more of Piper and Leon in the full book, now out in Kindle ebook and paperback on Amazon. Scroll up for links.

Thank you for your support and well wishes! I hope you enjoy the latest installment of The Incorruptibles.

Stay curious!

Sasha xx

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