Release day: Shadow Hunters

Dear curious kittens,

Congratulations to my author friend Anna Hub on her Book 2 release! Hopefully you picked up Book 1 while it was free. Here is Book 2, hot on its heels.

Release Date – April 5th 2016

Shadow Hunters – Book Two of The Shadow Series




“He said it wasn’t like the Valley, he never said it was paradise.”

Selena has survived her transfer into the Shadowlands — she has already beaten the odds — but she soon discovers that although life outside the Valley may be different, it is no less dangerous.

While she searches for a purpose in her new life, Brayden sets out to prove he’s not bound by the compulsions of a hunter, but can he master his Instinct before the villagers come to destroy him?


Haven’t read Book One – Beyond the Shadows? Subscribe to Anna’s mailing list to receive a free download. Or buy from Amazon for 99c.


Stay curious!

Sasha xx

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