One week to release!

The Incorruptibles Book 1 is almost ready for its birthday!

Everything is just about ready to go – I am just finalising formatting for paperback publication which is a little more complex than usual because of the illustrations throughout Downfall.


But it’s been worth the hard work because Downfall looks seriously amazing in book form, whether ebook or paperback.

A number of advance review copies have gone out and the reviews on Goodreads are great so far. Some readers have written wonderful things like:

From the very first chapter I was swept into Frankie’s story. To me, she felt like a real person with both strengths and weaknesses. There were times when I admired her guts and determination, as well as times when she made mistakes which added to her vulnerability and ultimately gave her real dimension.


Wow! I just had to finish this book in one go! The book draws you in from the start, and doesn’t let you go. The pace is good and the storyline is never predictable. Well crafted, vivid descriptions create an atmosphere full of suspense and mysticism.


Words fail to do justice to how much I loved this book. From the first line of the prologue I was hooked. Downfall has some intriguing characters I can’t wait to see develop as the series continues. If you’re a fan of paranormal/mystery/romance/good reads you need to check this out when it is available on 7 January. I had to physically make myself make this more than one sitting.

Music to my ears!

I honestly can’t wait for this one to hit the Amazon shelves. If you don’t want to miss the release day special, be sure to subscribe to my VIP Readers’ Club list for notification as soon as it goes live!


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