The Rift Release Day (The Seventh #2)

Out Now

It’s book day!

Scroll down for links and I will keep updating and adding them as the book pops up on different outlets. The Seventh will remain at 99c on Kindle for just one more day so if you want to read it before you read The Rift (yeah, that would be a good idea unless you enjoy spoilers!), grab your copy of Book 1 here. Remember, you don’t need a Kindle device to read on Kindle. There’s a free app for tablets and smartphones. Just do a search in your Apple or Android app store.

A quick note to thank the people involved in bringing this book into the light of day. Thank you to my beta reader group for providing feedback, spotting typos and producing early reviews. Thank you to those bloggers and author friends who supported the cover reveal and other announcements. Thanks to the reviewers who accepted ARCs to read and review early. Thank you to the Evernight Teen crew for acquiring, editing and publishing the work, and to their outstanding cover designer Jay Aheer for producing another perfect cover. Thank you to my family for tolerating and enabling my writing frenzies and being my sales team. And lastly, thank you to those who read The Seventh and enjoyed it enough to look forward to The Rift!

About The Rift

The Rift-evernightpublishing-teen-JayAheer2015-evernightbanner

Book 2 in The Seventh Series, The Rift is a young adult (13+) paranormal story that continues the tale of 16 year old Mimi and her six psychically gifted friends. In The Rift the stakes are raised, with the rogue Astarion threat looming as the seven teens struggle with the loss of one of their number, Patience. When their efforts to recover Patience come to nothing, the rift in their closeknit group threatens to devour them from within. How can they unite to face an external threat when their internal troubles are magnifying every day?

Buy Links

Some links are live and others will be updated soon.

Amazon Kindle

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Amazon paperback

Multiple formats on Evernight Teen



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Book Depository

All Romance E-Books

Thanks for supporting an Australian author!

Sasha xx

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