*Summer Crush* Cover Reveal

Late last night some beautiful artwork by talented designer Jay Aheer popped into my inbox! This is the cover for the first ever anthology from Evernight Teen – a set of six romantic short stories for teens and young adults, titled Summer Crush.

And here it is!


Is it not pretty?

I’m really pleased my story made it into this anthology because there are some highly respected names I’m sitting alongside. Here’s a brief taste of what my story, Exquisite Torture, is about.

16 year old Ryan can’t believe his bad luck. He’s stuck at his Gran’s house in a tiny deadbeat town for the entire summer, while his parents celebrate their anniversary in France. What’s worse, there’s no internet and his phone won’t get a signal. And he’d thought torture was illegal.

But things don’t seem quite as bad when he runs into gorgeous Connie, the vintage-styled vixen with the fabulous fifties Schwinn Cruiser bicycle. The only thing Ryan doesn’t understand is why this girl is so cagy about where she lives – and so reluctant to meet his Gran. Is there something more to Connie than he first thought?

And here’s my own special cover with my story title on it:


Ordering details will be out soon and the book is set to launch in August … as usual, I’ll keep you posted!






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