Giving away a signed copy of The Seventh

I’d like to give away a signed copy of my book, The Seventh, this week (delivered free anywhere in Australia).

Pre-order The Seventh now!

I was thinking about the gifts of two of the kids in The Seventh, especially since I’m in the process of writing Book 2, and I was wondering what my readers would consider the most scary:

  • Seeing ghosts? OR
  • Having visions about tragic events?

For me I think the seeing ghosts would be scariest, but the visions would be emotionally more difficult to deal with. What about you?

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QUESTION: What would scare you more – seeing a ghost or having a vision of a tragic event?

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16 thoughts on “Giving away a signed copy of The Seventh

  1. Having a vision of a tragic event would scare me more. I think it would be cool to see a ghost but like having a nightmare, visions are harder to get out of your head and bother me more.

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    • I suppose it depends on whether you actually know the people you see in the vision, too. Glad you entered. good luck! Now click on the rafflecopter link in this post so you can tick that you commented on the blog for an entry!


    • I’ve had a vision, well a prophetic dream, before and I must say it unsettled but did not terrify me. And yet i can’t read a ghost story without being too terrified to close my wardrobe door. I think I may be a big sissy at heart! (Got your email but will refrain from publishing it). Good luck Mary!


  2. I think seeing future events would be more scary for me. The not knowing what, if, or who the something will happen to. At least with ghosts you can/could find out who they were or try to communicate with them.

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  3. I’d have to say a vision of a tragic event would scare me more. Not so much the vision though, but it playing out in real life. I think I’d be able to explain or rationalise a ghost away…


  4. I honestly think seeing a ghost wouldn’t scare me. Well. Maybe a little bit. But the idea of seeing a tragic event is terrifying. Especially if I also couldn’t change the outcome. That would be heartbreaking. And very, very scary.


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