Character Profiles: the Gifted Teens from The Seventh

Shy and awkward, Mimi has just moved from Perry Ridge to Etherall Valley.

She’s been medicated and seeing a psychiatrist for three years and she’s about to find out she’s not crazy after all.

On a good day, Cassie is bubbly and fun. On any other day she’s snarky and scornful. But she has great hair.

Cassie is a vegetarian. She doesn’t understand how anyone could eat animals.

Cute, warm and friendly, Gabe is one of the most sought-after guys at Etherall Valley Prep … and he kinda knows it.

However, he’s a really sweet, understanding guy. Sometimes a little too understanding.

Mona has attitude and loves to laugh. She can see the funny side of almost anything. She’s also the best mover on the dance floor.

She’s got a fantastic memory for facts and loves playing with Google Translate.

Patience is quiet and kind, but always seems worried. She doesn’t always go home for the weekends like the other kids because her family find it hard to transport her to and from the school. They don’t have a car.

Patience is a good listener, an even better secret keeper, and always has a pen handy.

Ed surfs. He’s growing dreads. And he loves math.

And he thinks saying anything else would just be unnecessary complication.

Drew’s a Lit geek and a sometimes-Goth. He doesn’t make friends, except maybe with Patience.

He never expected Mimi to come to his school.

Read some excerpts about the teens of The Seventh.

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