My book comes out in 2 days…

I cannot describe how that makes me feel!2 more days

Well, I can tell you it makes me a bit tired … because I’m not sleeping terribly well! This is like the biggest, longest Christmas Eve leading up to the biggest, best Christmas I’ve ever had!

I have spent today getting some posts ready for my upcoming blog tour. If you don’t know what that is (I didn’t), it’s basically like I’m taking my book on tour throughout the world wide web instead of throughout the physical world. There are many book bloggers and reviewers out there who run excellent websites with large followings. So every time I visit a blog to provide a guest post or interview, my writing and my book are exposed to new audiences.

I also have my book under advance copy review with some established young adult fiction reviewers at the moment. If they like it, they will post a good review of my book on their sites and that’s another way it can reach potential new readers.

My book will be available as an e-book (digital or Kindle edition) from: Amazon, Evernight Teen, All Romance e-Books, Barnes & Noble, BookStrand, Sony, Apple iBooks, Chapters-Indigo/KOBO, and Coffee Time Romance (plus a few others).

Many people have been asking about a hard copy. Yes, my book will be out in hard copy. It will be available through via Amazon and Createspace, and some other outlets, as a printed book you can order. It should be available shortly after digital edition release and I will definitely let you know when. And yes, I will sign your copy if I see you! You might even get the matching bookmark!  😉

I feel very lucky to be part of the Evernight Teen author family. There is some outstanding talent in our group and excellent support for each other’s achievements and new releases. I strongly recommend you visit the ET website to check out the authors and books on there. You can even buy them directly from the site.

Thanks everyone for supporting and sharing this journey with me! I’ll post again Friday from the brand new sparkly place on my imaginary podium as a PUBLISHED AUTHOR!

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