Starting on a new chapter

See how I worked that writing cliché seamlessly into the title?Evernight-Button-199x300

Welcome to my new author website and blog. I’ve just signed up with Evernight Publishing to publish The Seventh under their teen imprint. This is my first publication deal and to say I’m excited would be an understatement!

The Seventh is the story of Mimi Alston, the 16 year old with a (literally) haunting secret. It’s about being different, finding connections, first love, solving a mystery, and having kick-ass psychic abilities.

I started writing the story at the end of 2013 and went into a strange writing frenzy that saw me producing massive amounts of words each day; as well as staying up late at night to write, my wineglass being loyally and regularly refilled by my dear partner. I even wrote for many hours of our long-awaited four night romantic getaway! Perhaps the romantic getaway inspired the romance in the book? (That’s what I tell him, anyway!) By early 2014 the story was complete and the lengthy editing process had begun.

Originally the story was titled ‘Gifted.’ Then one day just a couple of months ago I Googled ‘Gifted Novel’ and up popped another young adult series about kids with psychic gifts. Well, that’s awkward. Fortunately the similarities end at the title and genre, so I renamed my book The Seventh – which I have come to like much better than my original choice.

The book is anticipated to launch in early 2015 in digital format and print-on-demand. It will initially be selling on Amazon and through the Evernight website, as well as a few other online outlets.

In this blog I will take you on my writing and publishing adventures. I would love to hear from you – whether it’s in a comment or by email.

PS Oh, and I have a Evernight author button (squee!) – it’s the rather saucy looking image at the top of this post.


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